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  • Zayne Turner

    Zayne Turner

    Architect Relations at Salesforce. Words, thoughts, opinions wholly mine.

  • Amanda L. Nelson

    Amanda L. Nelson

    Social & content marketer at @salesforce @appexchange. Blogger, border collie fan, runner, tap dancer…all in one day.

  • Panos Kassianidis

    Panos Kassianidis

  • Mark Suster

    Mark Suster

    2x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to salesforce.com). Turned VC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs — I’m on Twitter at @msuster

  • Bruce Richardson

    Bruce Richardson

    Serve as Chief Enterprise Strategist at Salesforce after nearly 20-year career as Chief Research Officer at AMR Research (now part of Gartner).

  • Dopamine Games

    Dopamine Games

    The games studio behind Gateway, a new space genre MMORPG. Follow the dev blog here as we create a new universe.

  • Molly Hoffmeister

    Molly Hoffmeister

    Content Manager at @Salesforce @AppExchange

  • Micah Solomon

    Micah Solomon

    Author, consultant, keynote speaker. Customer service, customer experience, company culture, innovation. Reach me: micah@micahsolomon.com - 484–343–5881.

  • Salesforce


    Connect to Your Customers in a Whole New Way

  • Peter Gillett

    Peter Gillett

    MD of Marketpoint, the B2B Sales & Marketing Database Pioneers; and CEO of Zuant Mobile Data Capture.

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