Mapping Aviation Gin’s top level process — “The Process”

I’ve long been a fan of Ryan Reynold’s quick wit, chiselled good looks, but mostly his quirky marketing. His purchase of Aviation Gin has enabled him to really lean into it with fantastic YouTube ads like The Truce, the ad within an ad with Samsung, and the announcement of the merger with Virgin Atlantic.

But when he published a recent ad called The Process (below) where he described the process for making Aviation Gin in meticulous detail I was instantly intrigued. So we decided to map out the process using and then I emailed Ryan to invite him to the map so he could provide his review comments.

Aviation Gin “SOW”

Here is the The Process video which was our Statement Of Work (SOW).

Here is my email to Ryan

Aviation Gin top level process map

Here is the process we mapped out for him. Look closely, as we had some fun mapping it out, plus we had to map out the bits that Ryan forgot to mention.